Bring the fruits of your creativity to the Japanese market

PLAYISM provides a variety of different services to support your creation as it enters the Japanese market. All services are performed in-house, at our offices located in Japan. Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning our rates or services at:

| Localization

Games are localized by a team of professional Japanese translators.

The first thing we will need is an Excel file (or files) containing every piece text that you wish to have translated. These files will be translated by the Active Gaming Media localization team, who have already localized over 600 titles to date. Every game is translated by native speakers who will not only translate the game, but will also adapt the text specifically for a Japanese audience in order to ensure that users won’t be lost with regard to Western references and expressions with which they may not be familiar.

| Debugging

Native Japanese speakers also oversee the debugging process.

If your game has already been translated, our in-house team of native Japanese speakers will debug your game to ensure that there are no misspellings, typos, or bugs.

Text Debug: Confirmation of whether the proper terminology is used in the correct context.
System Debug: Confirmation of whether the text is displayed correctly.
Balance: Confirmation of whether the game is well-balanced and whether the rules are easy to understand.

Any bugs found in the game will be fixed by our debug team and a bug report will be submitted to you.

*If possible, we request that you please insert our company name and logo into the credit roll.

| Promotions

Using the power of creativity to bring your works to gamers throughout the world.

PLAYISM will provide you with banners, trailers, and any game-related promotional materials you need.
Each game has its own page featuring photos, videos, and text.
Any text you have featured on our website will be proofread free of charge.

Of course, when your game is released on our platform, PLAYISM will do its best to promote it via videos or campaigns to ensure high visibility among Japanese users.

The promotion of your game doesn’t stop at the PLAYISM website - we have an expansive database of Japanese gaming news websites and blogs which will help to spread the word about your game.

| Customer Support

PLAYISM Customer Support will provide all the support you’ll need – regardless of your customers' country.

We handle any and all inquiries, requests, and claims from customers, no matter what language they speak.

| Publishing

Attach the PLAYISM brand to your game to further expand your market.

PLAYISM’s main mission is to bring wonderful games from all around the world to Japan.

PLAYISM also publishes games under its own brand on other digital distribution platforms, and expansion to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile is planned for the near future.

PLAYISM handles all necessary negotiations with such third parties while consulting and working closely with the developer in order to ensure that your game finds the largest audience possible.

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